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PRODUCT:  6 Figure Tool Kit
CREATOR: Steven James, Justin James
PRICE: $47


6 Figure Tool Kit Review -

Vanessa here and today you’re in for a treat! Below you can find my in-depth review of the Six Figure Toolkit system by James and Justin James. I was shocked with what I found, continue reading to find out why -


OK – So, first things first – what is it?

Summed up – it’s a done for you sales funnel complete with a hosted high converting squeeze page (or pages if you upgrade) that builds you an email list whilst making you commissions at the same time.

Now, I’m not here to hype things – but this is freakin’ sweet dude!

Rarely do I get so ‘hyped’ up over a product, so let me explain why.

1. Hosting is Included – Yup, thank god. I’m getting sick and tired of shelling out hundreds of bucks for so called “free websites” (you know what I’m talkin’ about!) So, to get some hosting that I don’t have to pay for is great (especially for my bank balance!)

2. It’s soo Freakin’ EASY! – What I liked about this so much is that the creators kept it REALLY simple. Along with video and PDF instructions, they trimmed each step into short chunks that realistically will take you no more than 10 minutes to set-up.

3. The squeeze pages are REALLY nice! – I suck at coding, copywriting and all that other boring stuff – and I bet you do too, right? It’s OK – we’re human! With that being said, the squeeze pages that come with 6 Figure Tool Kit not only look nice, but they CONVERT! (hallelujah!)

Example -


Remember – again these are hosted for you – so all you need to do is send traffic.

But what about traffic?

So, the name of this game is traffic – the more the better. Any Solo Ad will do, but you can also market your capture pages using free methods too (such as YouTube, FaceBook etc).

For those of you that want to buy traffic, but don’t know where to start, the 6 Figure team have placed “Done for you Traffic” in the back office.

They have multiple packages available from 50 clicks to 500 clicks. Prices starting from $30.

OK – That sounds great, anything you DIDN’T like?

Glad you asked, because yes – there was one thing that in my opinion really sucked.

The system will only work with the GVO autoresponder. If you already have it, thats great – simply put your opt-in code and your good to go!

If not, you will need to sign up to their autoresponder service. In the members area, you can get a 7 day trail for $1 – otherwise it’s $9.99 per month (up to 10,000 leads) which is cheaper than both Aweber and GVO.

It sucks – but in my opinion it’s a good move for you – because (personally) I think GVO has better deliverability rates than Aweberr and Get Response!


This is the best product I’ve seen this year – and once my main review site is up and running, this is potentially my #1 most recommended product.

It’s easy, it works and you can make realistic income with around 20 minutes per day invested. Those that want to dabble in paid marketing *WILL* make a killing, beginners have access to done for you traffic AND you can promote your capture pages too using FREE methods.

All and all this is a must buy and potential product of the year, hit the button below for more info -

Later, Gator


  1. Great Review! Just wanted to let you know I purchased this last week thanks to your recommendation and so far I’ve already made $203.71!!!! Can’t believe it, something that ACTUALLY works for once!

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